Preparing for Summer Cannabis Sales at Your Dispensary

Cannabis being sold by point of sale terminal

Summer is one of the biggest sales periods of the year for cannabis dispensaries. A report by Flowhub shows that 40% of the top 10 sales day in the 2020s are between July and Mid-September.

The summer sales boost is driven by key holidays for cannabis, as well as several three-day weekends that fall during the summer months.

What are some of the sales trends for cannabis sales you will need to prepare for? We’ll look at best practices for making sure your dispensary is ready for the summer rush.

Fridays Are Extremely Busy During the Summer

A 2022 study by Surfside found that dispensary sales on Fridays from May to September are up to 41% higher than Fridays the rest of the year. During the summer months, more customers are interested in purchasing cannabis products than in the autumn and winter. Be sure to plan staffing and inventory accordingly.

Three Day Weekends Drive More Sales

With three-day weekends falling on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, summer sales receive an extra boost. In particular, the 4th of July and Labor Day are two of the biggest sales days in the year behind 4/20 and Green Wednesday.

Cannabis Specific Holidays in the Summer

In addition to traditional holidays, there are a few cannabis specific holidays in the summer months. June 18th is Jack Herer’s Birthday. Jack was a tireless advocate for cannabis legalization. July 10th is National Dab, Oil, and Concentrates Day, celebrating concentrates and hash oil. August 8th is National CBD Day, which can help drive sales of CBD products in your dispensary.

July is the Biggest Month of the Summer

There are two big weeks in a row in July, the Fourth of July and July 10th, National Dab Oil Day. The Fourth of July is particularly strong, with consumers buying ahead of the holiday. The Thursday leading into the Fourth of July is the busiest Thursday of the summer. The Friday before the Fourth of July is 57% busier than the other Fridays in July, according to a study by Surfside.

Father’s Day Leads June’s Sales

While the busiest summer month for cannabis sales is July, June follows closely in second place. This is led by the Father’s Day weekend (also Juneteenth weekend). Sales per day during this weekend are 55% higher than other days in June, making it the 4th biggest sales day of the summer months.

Labor Day is a Massive Sales Weekend

While the Fourth of July is the busiest weekend of the summer, the Labor Day weekend is the second biggest. Sales during the three-day weekend are an average of 65% more than the daily summer average.

What are Some Ways to Prepare for Summer Cannabis Sales?

Here are a few ways you can get ready for summer and maximize cannabis sales during this time frame.

Advertise Ahead of Time

Running marketing campaigns leading into major holidays and weekends will help you gain more customer sales.

Leverage E-Commerce Sales

More customers are used to ordering online. Make sure your entire menu is available on your website for customers to order from. The future of cannabis marketing will combine in-store and online shopping.

Merchandise the Right Mix of Products

By analyzing your dispensary’s historical sales data, you can see ales trends in product categories, and itemized sales data for specific weekends. By merchandising cannabis flower and other products like concentrates, pre-rolls, edibles, and tinctures for customer demand, you can maximize sales.

Loyalty Programs for Customers

Utilizing loyalty programs for new and returning customers can be incredibly useful for repeat business. Customers tend to return to the same dispensaries once they form a shopping habit. Consider using marketing promotions to bring in new customers then using a loyalty program to incentivize return business.

Need Advice on Dispensary Merchandising and Displays?

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