Lo-Pro™ LED Base


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Lo-Pro™ LED Base

New technology allows us to create an LED Lighted Display Base that is only 1” tall!

Whether you now own our amazing 24” or 48” Bud Bar Cabinet™, or are ordering new cabinets, consider the Lo-Pro Led Base for your cabinet up-lighting needs.

The Lo-Pro Base provides the same 7000k cool white LED illumination while being 3” shorter than our Standard LED Base.

LED Lighted Display Base footprint: For our 24” Bud Bar Cabinet™ – 24” wide x 16” deep x 1” tall.
For our 48” Bud Bar Cabinet™ – 48” wide x 16” deep x 1” tall.

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Lo-Pro LED Size

For 24'' Bud Bar Cabinet™, For 48'' Bud Bar Cabinet™


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