Platinum Xtract Jar Liners™


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The Sili-Pod, Platinum Xtract Jar Liners include the Jar.
Bud Bar pours it’s own liners using only USA made Clear Platinum Silicone.
The Xtract Jar Liners stop extracts from sticking to the jar.
The 50, 30 & 10 gram liners are removable, the silicone in the small 5 gram jar is poured in directly and not removable.
Sili-Pods are perfect for display viewing, sampling and including with the extract’s purchase.


The Sili-Pod’s with Platinum Xtract Jar Liners™ come in four sizes;

  • Sili’Pod™ 50 holds 8-9 grams
  • Sili’Pod™ 30 holds 5 grams
  • Sili’Pod™ 10 holds 2 grams
  • Sili’Pod™ 5 holds 1/2-1 gram

Keep your extracts safe by using high quality platinum silicone!

Warning: Silicone and Butane are not compatible. Silicone containers used to store extracts derived through butane-based extraction processes will cause the silicone to degrade and possibly cross contaminate with your product.

Additional information

Sili'Pod™ Size

Sili'Pod 50: holds 8-9 grams, Sili'Pod 30: holds 5 grams, Sili'Pod 10: holds 2 grams, Sili'Pod 5: holds 1/2-1 gram

Sili'Pod™ Quantity

0-500, 501-1,000, 1,001-2,500, 2,500+


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