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The Bud Bar Displays® product line was created exclusively for the cannabis industry.

The fantastic staff at Bud Bar Displays® come from a wide spectrum of talents and unique skills necessary in the plastic industry, in addition to individual talents its the overall enthusiasm to work as a team that helps create our quality products for you!

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In the Beginning...

Fantastic Plastic, Oz's and Ends, ... and ...Cannabis Encasements? (What a long strange trip it's been!)

About Co-Creator of the Bud Bar Displays® product line, Will Smith-

Will Smith could truly be called a renaissance man.

In a career blending art and science that has meandered down the Yellow Brick Road and tripped the plastic fantastic, Will Smith and his wife Cheryl's eclectic voyage has led him to his current destination.

The journey began over 30 years ago when Smith was designing and fabricating specialty acrylic product displays and store fixtures...but soon, the acrylic work moved beyond the routine circles of everyday retail contracts.

In 1987, for the Hollywood Centennial celebration, Smith took a brief detour to Tinseltown, where he was hired to design and manufacture award-winning protective encasements to house Judy Garland's Dress from the children's classic, The Wizard of Oz. Display cases for Humphrey Bogart's trench coat from Casablanca and various costumes and props, including assorted John Wayne and Star Wars memorabilia were also part of that assignment.

Later, Smith went rockin' down the highway, as he was chosen to create the displays for 50s rocker, Buddy Holly's personal memorabilia, including his guitars, clothes and personal effects, insuring their safety for a world-wide tour.

Smith's journey started in the 80's, designing store displays and fixtures for the likes of Nordstrom, Macy's, J.C. Penney and other private companies.

So, where do cannabis displays show up on the charts of the Smith Expedition?

After a serious accident that left his leg paralyzed, Smith visited various dispensaries and collectives and concluded that most lacked an attractive and efficient way to display all the cannabis flowers, edibles and concentrates.

"I wanted to create the tools (displays) for collectives, to help them achieve a more refined look and presentation of the cannabis and to make the transaction between budtender and patient a more enjoyable and efficient experience," said Will Smith. "I've seen dispensaries and collectives with beautiful interiors, but their main focal point, the display cases, are sometimes primitive... even using "found" showcases and displays which don' t match the dispensary environment. My goal is to play a part in this emerging market by providing assorted designs of our Bud Bar Displays® equipment, so that each collective's vision for a professional appearance can be realized."

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