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Bud Bar Displays® was founded with one mission—to create an attractive and efficient way to display cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, and other products for dispensaries. Today, our e-commerce store provides cannabis display cabinets and counters, cannabis pod displays, dispensary showcases, concentrate and extract displays for medical marijuana dispensaries that want to achieve a more refined look and presentation of the cannabis products. Our goal is to help dispensaries make the transaction between budtender and patient a more enjoyable and efficient experience.

Our innovative line of cannabis display pods allow the customer to fully appreciate the distinct terpene aroma of each strain, while keeping the sample air-tight and secure. Some of our signature display pods include the Canna-Pod®, Puffer Pod®, Bud Pod™, Sensory Pod™, and Flower Pod®. Our professional dispensary display cases and cabinets are designed to highlight your products, each of these having LED lighting built-in or as an option.

HD Botanicals dispensary displays

We also have a full line of display cabinets designed to highlight cannabis products, such as flower, CBD, tincture, and edibles. These include dispensary display cabinets like the Bud Bar Cabinet™, Dab Bar Cabinet™, and Flower Bar™. For countertop items, we offer displays for penny pipes, vape pens and cartridges, prerolls, and nitrogen cans.

Our team of specialists is here to help your dispensary showcase your medical and recreational marijuana products with maximum visual appeal and merchandising efficiency.

Spiritleaf Wellington West Cannabis Displays - Locking Ring Bud Pods
Chamba Cannabis, Senses Cannabis - Canna-Pod with Magnifying Lens

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Dispensary Display and Custom Design Examples

Bud Bar Displays® can help you design innovative retail solutions for your dispensary and recreational cannabis shop. Our team of retail consultants and product designers specialize in custom cannabis display design work. Our award-winning team can create almost anything you need. Don't see what you're looking for? We can take your idea from scratch, refine the design, and quote the cost. Or, in most cases, we can modify our standard Bud Bar Displays cannabis display cabinets, dispensary showcases, and fixtures to meet your specifications. Our years of expertise in retail solutions and dispensary display product design can help elevate your cannabis venture above the competition.

Hyde Cannabis displays

Photo Gallery of Our Dispensary and Cannabis Displays

Attis Trading Company Dispensary displays - Bud Bar cabinet with Bud Pods
HD Botanicals Countertop Cannabis displays - Bud Bar Cabinet
Spiritleaf Wellington West Locking Ring Canna-Pod displays
Canna-Craft dispensary Displays
3Fifteen cannabis displays using Sensory Pod
Spiritleaf Wellington West Cannabis displays
Dispensary displays in Michigan
Hibuzz Cannabis retail hexagon cannabis displays using Bud Goblet

Custom Inventory Cabinets

Custom LED Monolith

Custom Inventory for Patient Queue

Custom Dispensary Displays

Importance of Professional Dispensary Displays

Medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational cannabis stores are growing in popularity in the United States, Europe, and other countries. Currently, cannabis has been legalized for medical use in 37 states in the US. Dispensaries stock cannabis flower, edibles, CBD products, tinctures, extracts and concentrations, THC vaporizers, and other merchandise. Merchandising these products in a compelling and aesthetic manner is a key component of a successful dispensary.

Display cases that highlight cannabis products in a professional and eye-catching manner accentuate sales efforts of the budtenders. Creating a safe and friendly environment puts clients at ease, promoting customer loyalty. Using distinct paneling, wall displays, signage, and countertop displays creates a unique customer experience that makes shopping for cannabis products pleasant.

Bud Pod sniff jar at Nova Cannbis Store
There are a few “sniff jars,” where customers can see and smell specific strains of weed. This is an Aurora Indica blend called “La Confidential”:
Empire Dispensaries using the Sensory Pod to display cannabis
Dispensary displays at Lume Cannabis
Cannabis displays
Common Citizen is the lifestyle brand of Michigan’s largest vertically integrated pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis company, Michigan Pure Med. GH+A Design Studios worked with the brand to transform a gritty lounge in Flint, Mich., into a state-of-the-art cannabis dispensary that reinforces Common Citizen’s human-centered philosophy.
Bud goblet contains cannabis sample
Dispensary displays with Canna-pods
Dispensary has rows of samples in Sensory Pods
Display case of extracts at dispensary HD Botanicals

Customer Experience at Dispensaries

Every aspect of a customer’s buying experience at your dispensary should make them feel comfortable. When they enter the reception area, they are greeted by a store attendant who checks them in and checks their identification. As they move into the waiting area, they can look at display cases on the main floor, or smell the terpene aromas of specific cannabis strains from securely tethered and sealed display pods.

As their eyes look around the dispensary, they see products displayed on the wall behind the counters. A wide variety of flower, edibles, concentrates, and other products are arranged in LED-illuminated display cases. Soft light highlights dab extracts contained in round display pods. When they walk to the counter to talk to their budtender, countertop displays contain items such as vaporizers, small pipes, or store branded merchandise.

The entire experience is pleasant, compassionate, and stress-free, designed to enhance the customer journey, compelling them to come back again.

Man sniffing bud flower
dispensary setting up fixtures

Branding and Merchandising

In many cities, the consumer has many dispensary choices. Standing out with memorable branding helps customers remember your dispensary. Bud Bar Displays® offers custom branding for all our cannabis display pods, allowing you to put your logo on several touchpoints throughout your sales floor.

CBD Product Displays

With CBD being a less regulated form of the cannabis family, our in-house branding capabilities become that much more important in this highly competitive portion of the medicinal herbal market for your sales success.

Expertise in Retail and Dispensary Display Design

Our team of dispensary design specialists can help you achieve a customized, one-of-a-kind look for your new dispensary. Talk to us about your goals for your dispensary, and we can recommend the perfect display cases, fixtures, decorations, and product display pods for your desired aesthetics.

The innovative cannabis display cabinets and secure sampling pods will help you educate your customers, while keeping your inventory secure and compliant. If you need help with dispensary design, consultation, or selecting which displays to purchase, reach out to our team specialists. An experienced team member will help you choose the right cannabis display cabinets, counters, and décor for your dispensary or retail cannabis shop.

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