Disinfecting Your Pods, for disinfecting your Pods during the day we recommend,
Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes or Wet Ones® Big Ones. For more cleaning info, click here.

How to Properly Clean Your Pods

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We are frequently asked…

“How do I safely clean the resin from my Pods, as well as disinfect them, without harming the container?”

  • Apply Olive Oil or Coconut Oil to the inside of your Pod, and use your fingers to coat the surface evenly. Allow time for the resin to absorb the oil, as this will safely release the resin from the Pod.
  • Next, use a high quality antibacterial dish soap, such as Dawn Ultra®, to wash your Pod and then rinse; this will help remove the oil, and other debris, from the Pod surface in addition to disinfecting your Pod.
  • Then, let your Pod air dry; you can also dry your Pod with a clean soft cotton cloth.
  • Between cleanings you can also sanitize and disinfect the outside of your Pod using wet wipes; we recommend Wet Ones® Big Ones, or Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes.

• WARNING – Never use alcohol, or alcohol based products, to clean your Pods as this will cause damage.