Disinfecting Your Pods: For disinfecting your Pods during the day we suggest using Hydrogen Peroxide or wet wipes. We recommend Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes or Wet Ones® Big Ones wipes. • WARNING • Never use alcohol, or alcohol based products, to clean your Pods as this will cause damage. For more cleaning info, click here.
SHIPPING: Due to the ongoing Pandemic, our normal shipping times on certain products have been adversely effected. Pods continue to ship in approximately 2-4 business days, for larger display products we are experiencing longer than normal ship times. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Returns/Liability Policy

Returns Policy

  • All sales are final. Returns will be at All Plastic Inc./Bud Bar Displays discretion
    and include a 25% restocking charge.
  • Do not return any merchandise for any reason without first calling our Customer Service Dept at 916.858.2000
  • All unauthorized returns will be refused.

Product Liability

Since we cannot control the final use of our products or types of chemicals used to produce your products or chemicals used to clean our products other than those recommended by All Plastic Inc./Bud Bar Displays, All Plastic Inc./Bud Bar Displays will not be held liable for any damage to your products used within or on our displays. It is recommended to call us if you have questions related to your specific product use at 916.858.2000 or email us; service@budbardisplays.com