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Disinfecting Your Pods: • WARNING • Never use alcohol, or alcohol based products, to clean your Pods as this will cause damage.
For disinfecting your Pods during the day we suggest using Hydrogen Peroxide. For more cleaning info, click here.
SHIPPING: Due to the ongoing Pandemic, our normal shipping times on certain products have been adversely effected. Pods continue to ship in approximately 2-4 business days contingent on current orders, for larger display products we are experiencing longer than normal ship times. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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Security Tether Instructions

Important Note For Attaching Eyelet:

When attaching a Metal Eyelet Tether to any Pod, tighten screw snugly, and then back off screw 1/4 turn. This will allow the metal eyelet to rotate freely and will help avoid possible cable failure.

Puffer Pod Tether Attachment
Canna-Pod Adhesive Tether Attachment
Bud Pod Tether attachment
Sensory Pod Tether Attachment
Z-Pod Tether attachment
Flower Pod Tether Attachment
Bud Goblet Tether Attachment
X-Pod Tether attachment
Canna-Pod Tether attachment