Puffer Pod® Cannabis Container


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The Little Puffing Powerhouse

Bud Bar® has created a new way of delivering your favorite terpene aromas to you with the introduction of the Puffer Pod®! This elegantly clean design uses simple physics to deliver a generous whiff of wonderful flower aromas without the need for a plug! The Puffer Pod® incorporates ‘Micro Holes’ that block air movement until the puff button is pressed. When pressed quickly the Puffer Pod® then delivers an ample wisp of terpene aroma. The Puffer Pod® also features a humidity tray which hides a Boveda® Humidity Control Pack underneath, allowing samples to stay fresher, longer. The tray, along with our trademark magnifier and nug spike, make this Pod a “Puffing Powerhouse”!

Overall Dimensions:

Without Locking Ring - 2½” wide x 3¼” deep x 2½” tall
With Locking Ring - 3½” wide x 3½” deep x 2½” tall.

Boveda Science

Bud Bar Displays® is an authorized reseller of the global leader in humidity control, Boveda®; no mess, no worries, enjoy. Boveda® Humidity Packs release and absorb purified water vapor to maintain the relative humidity (RH) when placed into our selection of airtight Pods. The humidity packs re-hydrate your flower while stored, and extend the freshness. Make sure your flower samples maintain their aroma potency, appearance, and an optimum humidity level to deliver the highest quality customer experience in your dispensary.

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Locking Ring & Humidity Tray

Black Locking Ring & Humidity Tray, White Locking Ring & Humidity Tray