Choosing the Best Display Containers for your Cannabis Dispensary

magnified cannabis pods

How To Pick The Perfect Cannabis Sample Container!

Before we get too deep into cannabis Sampling Pods, let us take a step back and understand why you searched out this information in the first place. As you are assembling your store(s) you have already made some HUGE and expensive decisions; the stores name, the location, store aesthetics & fixtures, as well as the staff. But now you have another critical decision, what your budtenders and customers will be interacting with to sell your products…..All Day…..EVERYDAY…..The Tools That Will Sell Your Cannabis…..Sampling Pods! With so many designs of Sampling Pods to choose from, let’s start by narrowing down the options…..

Your Sample Size

There are several schools of thought when it comes to the sample size you use in your containers, and there is really no right or wrong answer. A smaller pod like the Bud Pod™ with a small sample, or even a single cannabis nug, can convey several things to your patients or customers. It can send a message of scarcity which often creates a buying decision based on the idea that its value or quality is great, or that supply is limited, which invokes an urgency to buy. On the other hand, a larger pod like the Canna-Pod® with a copious sample would send a message of abundance; there is plenty of product to go around, Let's Party! The sample size you choose is personal to your business and can be determined by numerous factors, even the general atmosphere of your dispensary. It can also be helpful to speak with your Budtenders in regard to the sample size. A seasoned staff member’s personal insight and experience can make the choice that much easier.

Bud Pod
CannaPod with Pivot

Customer Access

There are two particular styles of giving Sampling Pod access to your patients or customers. The first is having your Pods in a display case, like a Bud Bar Cabinet™ or Ashes Showcase Insert™; this is the more controlled method which requires a one-on-one interaction between the Budtender and consumer. The Budtender is taking out individual Pods, or other products for the client to examine; this method creates a relationship with an atmosphere of personal interaction and the sharing of information. In this style of access no security tethers would be used.

Bud Bar Cabinet

The other style of access is an open method in which patients or customers walk freely around your shop. They can examine products on display up close and personal; your Sampling Pods are secured to your display areas by means of a retractable tether. You could tether each container individually with a Security Tether or one could upgrade to the stylish Security Tether Bar™. Each tether bar is capable of tethering five pods, has dual locks for security, and the removable tether drawer allows for all Pods to be moved together for fast and convenient nighttime storage. This ‘open method’ allows you to have more customers in the store but is far less personal than the ‘display case’ style. Budtenders take a more inactive role in this style and wait for the customer to indicate a need for assistance before any interaction typically occurs.

Strain Information

Another area of consideration when choosing a Sampling Pod is whether or not it features a card area or sign holder. If you are going with an open method of access, a Pod that displays additional information for a patient or customer allows them to quickly obtain further insights about the cannabis flower such as brand, strain name, type, or pricing just to name a few. Customers expect dispensaries to provide comprehensive information about the products so they can make the best selection for their particular needs. In a more controlled method of access, cardholders can also be utilized to give your clients a better experience. Many Sample Pods have the capability to hold information cards back-to-back so that both the consumer and Budtenders alike can view the cannabis flower's information. This supplies your staff with accurate strain details to help complete sales; customers are always more comfortable purchasing their cannabis from an informed Budtender.

Additional Pod Security

No matter what style of access you provide for your Sampling Pods, how you will properly secure them is a paramount decision. One way to accomplish this would be to use compliant sample seals, such as Anti-Tamper Security Seals to seal your Pods. These reusable seals can help you meet local, state, or provincial requirements to prevent a customer’s physical contact with the samples on display. They use a strong adhesive and a no-residue vinyl to keep the Sampling Pods clean and secure while on display. For the next level of security, a Sample Pod with a Locking Ring would be the best bet. The locking ring uses torx head screws to help prevent vandalism and to lock the Pod’s lid to its body. This method is the ultimate protection while displaying a Sampling Pod in any retail environment.

Examining The Flower

Aroma – Each strain of cannabis or CBD flower, whether Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid, has a specific smell that emanates from its trichomes resin which produces a unique terpene signature. Nearly all customers enjoy smelling these particular aromas and practically make it a requirement prior to making a purchase of any flower. You can provide them with every other significant bit of information about any strain, but until they get a sniff of the flower, a final decision will be hard to make! Obviously, Sampling Pods with a large aroma area, or a specialized Puffer aroma delivery system, will help in this area. Getting a generous whiff of the strain really helps the customer appreciate the flower’s characteristics, its true essence.

Magnification – In addition to producing terpenes, the trichomes on cannabis and CBD flower can provide customers with a plethora of additional information about a strain. Under a magnified view, trichomes can reveal details about potency, quality, health, and in some cases the type of affects you can expect from a strain. Cloudy trichomes are often an indication that the particular cannabis flower will deliver a “head high”, while amber colored trichomes often deliver a “body high.” A Sample Pods magnification can be crucial, it helps your Budtenders provide the most accurate visual information possible for the best consumer experience.

magnified cannabis pods

After years of visiting countless marijuana shops and seeing displays for dispensary’s, I have found the Best Selection of Sampling Pods, Displays, and Cabinets, along with Custom Cannabis Displays, is

By: Will Smith, Cannabis Display Designer

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