Concentrate Display Ideas for Your Cannabis Dispensary

Closeup of cannabis concentrate
Cannabis products are evolving rapidly with extracts being a huge part of that evolution.

The days of people being limited to cannabis flower are long gone with the list of new cannabis products expanding with consumers’ changing tastes. Extracts have taken the recreational and medical market by storm due to their potency and versatility. However, displaying and storing concentrates and extracts in your dispensary isn’t straightforward.

State and local regulations usually require that products containing THC or CBD are displayed with tamper-evident seals that visibly reveal whether the products have been touched or tampered with after sealing. While enforcing security regulations for cannabis concentrates, dispensaries must also display their products in an attractive fashion.

Effective extract and concentrate displays must strike a balance between effective retail merchandising and upholding local regulations.

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are marijuana-derived products with very high levels of THC as compared to top shelf cannabis flower. Concentrates can range from 40% to 99.58% THC levels, while premium cannabis has about 20% THC levels.

Patients can partake in concentrates to get a higher dose of cannaboids, which are chemical compounds found in cannabis, including THC and CBD.

Popularity of Cannabis Concentrates

A 2021 report by MJBizDaily showed that concentrate sales were up 40.5% from 2019 to 2020 in combined market of California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Nevada.

The global cannabis concentrate market was estimated at $1.8 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $5.9 billion by 2026.

Customers enjoy concentrates because of their flexibility, potency, and variety of products.

Challenges of Displaying Concentrates

Some cannabis concentrates are distributed as bottled oils or capsules, which can be displayed on a shelf. This retail display strategy will not apply to most concentrates. Part of the sales and merchandising process is displaying concentrates so customers can see the product, and sometimes smell the terpene aromas.

Here are just a few types of concentrates your dispensary might sell:

  • Live resin – The resin is extracted from a freshly harvested cannabis plant using cryogenic freezing. Terpenes are preserved at a much higher rate than in other curing processes. Up to 60% more of the terpenes are retained in the creation of live resin.
  • Kief – Loose cannabis trichomes (crystals) which are collected from flowers run through a sieve or mesh. Kief has a higher THC count, and has more of the psychoactive components than the flower from which it is derived.
  • Hash – Created from trichomes or kief collected through drysifting flower. The trichomes are pressed using heat to create solid chunks of hash.
  • Rosin – A cannabis concentrate made without solvents or chemicals. Cannabis is pressed between heated pads, causing oils to be extracted. This process is considered full-spectrum, meaning the cannaboid and terpene profile are preserved.
  • Wax – also known as honey oil or Butane Hash Oil (BHO). Wax has different categories that are based on the consistency. Most cannabis wax is created by extracting THC from the plant using butane. Budder has a creamy consistency, crumble has a consistency like blue cheese, shatter is a high-potency concentrate that resembles glass.
  • Terp sauce – aka High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts (HTFSEs). Similar to live resin, but lower in THC, terp sauce is a cannabis extract with a high concentration of terpenes. Terp sauce is often combined with other more solid chunks of cannabis extracts, or put into a vape cartridge.

Some of these delicate, often sticky extracts aren’t really for pre-sale public handling so displaying them correctly is key to allowing potential customers a chance to analyse and smell the products prior to purchase.

Here are some of the options you have for displaying concentrates in your dispensary.

Selecting Concentrate Displays for Your Dispensary

When it comes to extract displays for dispensaries, Bud Bar Displays® stands above the crowd. We produce the most extensive adaptable lines of extract displays on the planet and all of our displays are made in the USA using only FDA-approved plastics.

Additionally, our range is as versatile as it is large, we have a display for any size cannabis company; we even have portable displays that are great for offsite events. Starting off small, a collection of Silicone Lined Display Jars can suit any budget. Or maybe it’s a range of extract pens or cartridges you would like to highlight in your store? If so, the Xtract Pen and Cartridge Tray will set you apart from the competition. This POP display is designed to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes, and with an LED option available, this display makes an elegant design statement while elevating the appearance of any product it holds.

If customer engagement is high on your priority list, then consider the futuristic terpene smell pod, the Puff-X Pod™. A quick press of the “puff button” will send a scent of the product through the micro-aroma holes as your customer views the extract intimately through the built-in magnifier.

For a simple and tasteful approach to selling extracts, the Xtract Elite™ will fit the bill; the unit was created from customer suggestions, and the result is a fantastic sales tool and cannabis display. The covered info pockets make your product descriptions look spotless and professional, so no need to wrap stickers around your jars. With your choice of eighteen 30g or 50g Sili’Pods included, and two lighting options to make it pop, this display will pay for itself in no time.

Then there’s our premium items for larger, more ambitious dispensaries. If you really want to impress your cannabis-loving clientele, nothing will get the job done like the Dab Bar Cabinet™. At 47” wide and 16” deep, this pristine LED-lit beauty can show off a head-turning 48 concentrate selections in style, each with their own description card. Offering six inclined trays at the perfect viewing angle, the Dab Bar Cabinet™ allows customers to better inspect the product in its individually removable pods.

Don’t see an extract display you like? No problem, just ask us and we will custom design one to suit your needs. Bud Bar Displays® is your one-stop shop for extract and dispensary displays.

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