Cannabis Dispensary Layout Design: Creating Effective Retail Experiences

Dispensary Displays in Michigan

An important aspect of a successful dispensary is creating a store layout with good customer experience and flow.

As the legal cannabis market continues to grow both domestically and internationally, the competition for local dispensaries increases. Attracting and retaining customers becomes crucial, and customer experience is a large part of earning repeat business.

The layout of the dispensary plays a crucial role in customer flow, branding, and driving sales growth. Moving customers through a designed path to expose them to specific product lines is a best practice of retail stores. Cannabis dispensaries are specialized retail stores, and many of the same principles apply. Still, there are specific considerations for merchandising cannabis and CBD products that will help boost revenue in your dispensary.

In this guide to dispensary layout design, we examine factors you must contemplate, such as store aesthetics, type of dispensary, interior design, sales psychology, and product marketing.

Considerations for Dispensary Design and Layout

With more dispensaries opening every year, making a positive impression, and winning customers is more important than ever. The decisions you make regarding the design of your dispensary will have an impact on your day-to-day operations and will contribute to your monthly revenue.

Psychology of Retail Shopping

Large scale retailers design their stores in specific ways to maximize the exposure of products to customers, boost certain products, and make customers feel welcome in a retail shopping experience. There are many lessons that dispensary owners can glean from these insights.

In Paco Underhill’s book, Why We Buy, he noticed that shoppers in the US and UK walk to their right upon entering a store. This principle is known as “The Invariant Right”. Some retail experts speculate this may have to do with most people being right-handed, or American drivers using the right-hand side of the road. Retailers use the Invariant Right principle to put must-see items on the right side of the store. Dispensaries can use this concept to place hot ticket items on the right side of the sales floor.

Another retail best practice is leaving the entranceway uncluttered. The area that is five to fifteen feet within the sales floor entryway is known in retail as “The Decompression Zone”. Shoppers tend not to notice any displays that are within this area. Studies have shown that customers need a moment to mentally transition upon entering a store, and they tend to scan the walls and then inner area, ignoring the entryway.

Additionally, shoppers (especially in the US) prefer to have adequate personal space when browsing a store, so they do not brush up against other shoppers. This is known as the “butt brush effect” in retail terminology.

Another tip, long hall-like aisles discourage extended browsing. By placing wall mounted displays and taller floor displays along the perimeter of the store, and placing display tables in the middle of the sales floor, it encourages shoppers to browse and find the products they are seeking.

Lastly, displaying impulse items near the register and checkout will help add incremental sales to the average customer order.

What Defines Your Brand?

The shopping experience at your dispensary is a part of your brand. Meticulously designing this experience is an important part of growing your customer base. Consider these questions and figure out how to make your store fit the answers. What impression do you want customers to have when they enter your dispensary? What aesthetic fits the vibe of your brand? Are you going for a clean and elegant experience, or a more casual vibe? All the aspects of your store layout and design contribute to this messaging, telling customers what your brand is about. This includes your logo and brand identity assets, interior design, the way you present the dispensary on your website and social media, and brand name. All of these details help tell the story of what differentiates your dispensary from every other one.

Visual Aesthetic

The visual aesthetics of your retail cannabis store will depend on the brand voice you are aiming for, and the customer base you are serving. The location of your dispensary may also influence your interior design choices. Are you going for an upscale look? Perhaps you are aiming for a traditional retail store look and feel. Other dispensaries may try to emulate the visual presentation of a day spa. Some dispensaries may prefer to craft an edgier, casual feel. It all depends on the clientele you want to attract and retain, and the community you are serving. Remember, that in the present day, the shopping experience at cannabis dispensaries is closer to traditional retail, and most dispensaries create an aura of safety, no matter the aesthetics they embrace.

Medicinal vs Recreational Dispensary

Certain states mandate separation of medical and recreational cannabis areas. Consult your local and state regulations for guidance. If your state does require separate areas for recreational and medicinal cannabis, you might consider tailoring the design to fit each display area.

For states that have fully legalized recreational marijuana use, you may have more options for designing a retail space. Merchandising, customer flow, and interior design may all have different opportunities for layout in these states. If your state or country has only approved cannabis for medicinal use, your merchandising and sales floor design may use more reserved design, and the products may only be displayed behind the counter.

Public vs Private Space and Local Regulations

Some regions and municipalities have regulations for what areas of the dispensary are considered public access vs private access, only available to employees and vendors. Specific signage or security protocols may be required for areas that are behind the counter, or employee-only access.

Traffic Flow and Customer Experience

Designing the flow of foot traffic through your dispensary sales floor will affect the customer experience. By prioritizing specific displays. Some dispensaries use displays with product education built in, other dispensaries staff more budtenders to create a more consultative experience.

Space Constraints

The retail space you are leasing has a certain amount of room, and you must include certain things in your dispensary (waiting room, sales floor, back room inventory). Some commercial spaces have windows or other natural lighting. Executing your design plans must work within the constraints of available space.

1. Bank Model

The Bank Model most common type of layout for both medicinal and recreational cannabis dispensaries. In this model, customers check in at a front desk and wait in a queue for the next available budtender. When their turn comes, they enter the secure area (sales floor) of the dispensary, and a budtender consults with them and checks out their purchase. Staffing is one budtender for each allotted customer at any given time, plus staffing for the reception area and (in some municipalities) a door attendant). Inventory can be handled in one of three ways: 1) budtenders manage their own inventory, 2) budtenders share some inventory, or 3) all budtenders share the same inventory.

2. Pharmacy Model

Less common than the Bank Model, in the Pharmacy Model, there are three steps. Patients/customers check in at the reception area and wait for an available budtender. The budtender checks them out and gives them a receipt, but not the product. The product is picked up at an inventory control station, where the patient’s ID is verified. This model may be used in regions where medicinal cannabis is legal, but recreational cannabis is not yet legal. The Pharmacy Model may also be a layout used where floor space is tight. One advantage to this model is it can move more customers through to checkout per day vs the Bank Model.

3. Open Retail Model

Open retail floorplans allow customers to explore and shop dispensaries more independently and shop at their own pace. The Open Retail model closely resembles the setup of the Apple Store. After customers check in, they enter the sales floor, where there are product displays on the wall, and on the sales floor. Budtenders roam on the sales floor to help customers fill a virtual cart. When customers are ready to check out, they are guided by the budtenders to the cashier station where they check out. This is a more high-touch and personalized customer experience. One disadvantage to the Open Retail Model is the need for increased staffing. This is an advanced model, and this can be difficult to manage efficiently for an inexperienced team. If you are opening a dispensary for the first time, it may be a better choice to use the Bank Model or Pharmacy Model for a while, and then transition your team to the Open Retail Model.

We’re Here to Help You Design a Profitable Dispensary

If you need advice or help on selecting the perfect retail displays for your dispensary, feel free to  contact the team at Bud Bar Displays. Our experts can help you with designing and implementing a dispensary customer experience that is efficient and effective for your dispensary brand.

7 Tips for Improving Dispensary Revenue with Effective Merchandising Displays

Cannabis dispensary displays

Designing the layout and retail experience of your dispensary is an important part of your revenue.

With more states and countries legalizing cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, competition is increasing. The presentation of your products and experience in your retail cannabis dispensary will make a difference in overall revenue.

Aesthetics and merchandising aren’t reserved only for traditional retail stores – dispensaries also use eye-catching displays to generate more sales.

Designing the dispensary sales floor with sophistication and customer engagement in mind can help you increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Here are seven tips for improving the displays and merchandising of your dispensary products.

1. Highlighting Cannabis Flower

Some dispensaries have the flower samples displayed behind the counter, or not displayed at all. The customer does not have a chance to see the flower or smell the terpene aroma.

The current trend for rapidly-growing dispensaries is to display the flower samples in securely sealed and tethered cannabis “sniff jars”. These allow the customer to see the intricate details of the flower and smell the aroma of the cannabis strain, while keeping the samples secure from tampering.

By allowing customers to peruse the samples and get an idea of what they are purchasing, it improves the customer experience, and can lead to more sales.

2. Ingrained Pricing in the Product Displays

Customers browsing the dispensary look for information on the strains they are analyzing before they buy. One way that modern dispensaries show strain information is a placard built into the display itself. This conveys data about the strain such as type of strain, THC level, CBD level, name of the strain, and other info. Utilizing professional store fixtures that display this product information helps the sales process by using information-rich merchandising.

3. Use Wall Displays and Fixtures

When customers enter your dispensary, their eyes are drawn to different focal points. Product displays can take the form of sampling tables or interactive displays on the sales floor. Using wall displays and fixtures can also be an effective way to use your floor plan to show different cannabis and CBD products. By putting products at eye level, it can raise awareness of different cannabis products, and help drive sales of a diverse mix of products.

4. Use Digital Displays and Media

Many dispensaries use display media and digital menus to create a professional appearance and impart crucial information. This frees up budtenders to answer follow-up questions, making sales more streamlined. These digital displays can also help educate the customers on product information.

Videos, photos, digital menus, interactive displays, and other high-engagement media involves the customer base in the cannabis purchasing experience. These displays can also add a unique touch to your facility and help suggest new products.

5. Planning Product Visibility

It takes planning and effort to arrange displays in your store to prioritize product lines you want to sell. Just as traditional retail stores make certain items more visible to increase sales, dispensaries should plan merchandising around key products to increase revenue.

If there are promotions running on specific products, make those clear and apparent when customers enter the store. Visibility creates awareness and interest in the cannabis products you want to sell more of. Work with your budtenders to make sure they are aware of any ongoing promotions, so they can suggest them to customers.

6. Upsell Small Products at the Register

Have you ever noticed that traditional retail stores always put smaller impulse items near the checkout lines and register? This is because people tend to buy items that are presented to them right before checkout.

By placing a few items at the checkout station, you can pick up additional sales. Some countertop product displays that work well include pre-roll displays, small pipes, or nitrogen cans.

7. Interior Store Design and Layout

One final thought on dispensary design is planning the design and layout of the sales floor. Dispensaries today resemble high-end experiences found at other retail stores. Warm lighting, spacious pathways, and professional displays all add to the overall customer experience.

Crowded retail spaces that are jammed with too many products can make the sales floor look cramped and unappealing. Allowing customers to browse comfortably from a reasonable number of products creates a more relaxing atmosphere. Ambience is a vital part of the retail dispensary experience.

Need Help with Retail Displays for Your Dispensary?

For more than 25 years, Bud Bar Displays has been helping dispensary owners with innovative product displays. Our product line of dispensary cabinets, cannabis display pods, concentrate displays, and other dispensary displays are used in dispensaries worldwide.

Our award-winning team is ready to help you find the perfect configuration of retail cannabis displays for your shop. You can order online directly from our e-commerce store, reach out via email, or call us directly at (916) 858-2000.

Highlighting Cannabis Strains in Cannabis Displays

Security Tether Bar

Cannabis flower is sold in dispensaries in sealed bags, jars, or tins. These come in three distinct kinds: indica, sativa, and hybrid.

Customers who enter your dispensary may browse the product displays and examine the sample flower displayed in securely tethered pods. As the customers sniff the aroma of the terpenes, they might wonder about the strains of the various flowers.

This is where product display placards can help educate customers and facilitate merchandising.

Product Displays that Highlight Flower Information

Some cannabis product displays have built-in areas for display cards. These cards can contain information about the strains: whether they are indica, sativa, or hybrid. These cannabis information cards can also include information such as THC level, CBD level, the name of the strain, and price for various sizes.

Nug Flight
Gimbal Pod

This allows dispensary customers to examine the flower samples on the sales floor while getting relevant information about the strains they want to buy. This product merchandising helps convey info about the cannabis products before the budtenders administer personalized customer service.

Security Tether Bar
Incline Puffer Pod

Need Retail Display Ideas for Your Dispensary?

For more than 25 years, Bud Bar Displays has been designing award-winning retail displays and store fixtures. Our experience in designing and manufacturing display cases and cannabis displays for dispensaries worldwide has given us insight into the legal cannabis industry.

Whether your need displays for a dispensary large or small, we can help you determine exactly how to design a memorable customer experience.

If you need help with choosing the right product displays for your dispensary, contact the team at Bud Bar Displays, or call us at (916) 858-2000.

Security Plays an Important Role in Cannabis Displays and Cases

Security Tether Bar

Cannabis is a rapidly growing industry, with 37 states, four territories, and the District of Columbia approved medical marijuana.

Additionally, 19 states, two territories, and Washington DC have approved recreational use of cannabis.

All states with legal cannabis products have regulations on how the products can be accessed. There are laws and regulations regarding security on a facility-wide basis. For example, most states require customers to be at least 18 years of age, and present ID before being admitted to the retail portion of the dispensary. Security cameras, controlled access, and security systems are part of regional compliance.

But security regulations also extend to product displays on the sales floor. Customers should not be able to access flower samples or tamper with product displayed in the dispensary.

Cannabis product displays can maintain security compliance while still highlighting the attractiveness of the products. Below, we look at six characteristics of dispensary displays that accentuate the product, while upholding state regulations for security compliance.

1. Educating Customers on Product

As many states, regions, and countries introduce legislation to legalize cannabis for medical (and in some cases, recreational) use, many new customers are going to be coming to your dispensary. New cannabis customers will have lots of questions about the products and their characteristics. As they embark on their cannabis experience, your dispensary has an opportunity to educate new customers about your product selections.

Display cabinets and containers can become much more than fixtures where products reside. By integrating information about each flower into a cannabis display pod, customers learn more about the different strains. A display cabinet for CBD products that shows information about each edible or concentrate will help customers make an informed decision. Displays that are built with product information in mind can highlight data via use of card holders where product information can be shown. Interactive displays that combine multimedia with product samples allow customers to learn about cannabis products through self-exploration.

Ideally, retail cannabis displays should add to the shopping experience, and reduce barriers to learning about, viewing, and engaging with the dispensary products. The end result is more satisfied customers, more questions about the products answered, better product education, and increased sales.

2. Compliance with Local Regulations

Cannabis dispensaries must follow state and local regulations to continue doing business. In some states, patients must have a medicinal marijuana ID card to enter the facility and purchase cannabis products. Though several states have legalized recreational use, some states have laws which restrict any cannabis use whatsoever. Even in states or municipalities where cannabis is legalized, there may be opposition groups which look for non-compliance. By having secure cases with sturdy locks, locking display modules, and tamper-proof cannabis jars, your dispensary preserves compliance and integrity.

3. Theft Prevention

Cannabis dispensaries often have sample containers on the sales floor with flower, where customers can smell terpene aromas. These are sealed with tamper proof seals, or with a locking ring which cannot be opened without use of a tool. This prevents theft and tampering by customers who have intentions of shoplifting. They will be unable to open the cannabis smell jars and slip the product in their pocket. Secure display modules will help your dispensary with loss prevention.

4. Customer Safety and Perception

First impressions have a long-lasting effect. When customers enter your dispensary and see your cannabis products encased in secure cases, display pods, and locking ring sniff jars tethered to a display table, they know you are serious about security and safety. Remember that many people are shopping for legal cannabis for the first time, and they may be apprehensive about the experience. Keeping the product displays compliant means you are providing a safe, secure shopping experience.

5. Spectacular Presentation

No doubt about it, customer experience is a big part of earning return business at your dispensary. Part of the overall presentation of your cannabis store are the display cases, retail displays, and store fixtures. Merchandising your products in high-quality retail cases gives the impression that your dispensary and your products are also “world-class”.

6. Product Integrity

Certain cannabis products can be damaged by prolonged exposure to heat and light. Particularly, concentrates, oils, and extracts can undergo degradation by exposure to heat and light.

Many professional display cases use glass that minimizes damage caused by UV rays. These cannabis display cabinets excel at highlighting the premium products within. Creating a showcase retail display that draws the customer’s attention will help boost sales and promote selected products.

Need More Help Selecting Display Cases for Your Dispensary?

Bud Bar Displays® was founded with the idea that cannabis displays should work efficiently to highlight and accentuate cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, and other products on display. Our team has consulted with numerous dispensaries across the United States and internationally.

Our product line of retail displays helps create a refined and professional look for cannabis dispensaries. The overarching goal we have is to create a better customer experience between budtenders and clients.

If you are opening a new dispensary, or expanding an existing dispensary, our team can help you select the perfect displays for your facility. Browse our online e-commerce store for display cabinets, secure cannabis display pods, extract and concentrate displays, and countertop displays.

How Modern Cannabis Displays Help Budtenders Sell More Product

HD Botanicals dispensary displays

Today’s legal cannabis customers are discerning, sophisticated, and expect an immersive experience at their local dispensaries.

At the same time, professional budtenders are tasked with keeping up with an ever-increasing product selection, maintaining a high level of customer service, and managing customer flow.

While in-store training helps keep dispensary clerks knowledgeable, even the most prolific of cannabis sommeliers can use assistance.

This is where modern cannabis displays can help augment the experience for customers, and help budtenders present product options in a smooth, seamless manner.

Let’s examine how the dispensary shopping experience has evolved over the last several years.

Customers Expect a High-End Experience

With medicinal cannabis being legal in 37 states and the District of Columbia, and 19 of those states also legalizing recreational cannabis, more dispensaries are opening than ever before.

Many customers are new to buying cannabis and CBD, and there is a basic lack of knowledge about these products, as they are still relatively new to the mainstream markets. Though dispensaries have evolved quickly to present the most professional image possible, as acceptance of cannabis for medicinal purposes becomes more widespread.

With multiple dispensaries in medium and large markets, presentation and customer experience become a differentiator.

Digital Signage

Information can be conveyed through digital signage at every point of customer contact within the dispensary. At the check-in desk, information about what identification or documentation a patient/customer will need can be displayed. Inside the main sales area, Digital signs can show cannabis menus, relay pricing information, or show flower attributes. Specials or promotions can also be shown on digital screens while customers wait in line or browse the dispensary.

Keeping up With Current Promotions

Have a monthly special your dispensary is running? Featuring these promotions on a digital sign can inform customers and remind budtenders of current offers. These can easily be changed to update POS marketing or weekly specials as needed.

Interactive Kiosks and Displays

Many customer facing screens are becoming interactive, with the ability to display additional product information from a touchscreen. Interactive displays such as the Sensory Station™ from Bud Bar Displays & Senses Tech feature stimulating digital content that give customers more insights on cannabis products and strains. This empowers legal cannabis shoppers to make informed decisions when purchasing cannabis products, while improving overall customer experience.

Sensory Station for Dispensaries
Sensory Station for Dispensaries

Product Information Displayed Prominently

Many customers browse the different products and cannabis strains on the sales floor. Most upscale dispensaries feature cannabis display pods or “sniff jars” that allow customers to analyze the samples visually while the pods are attached securely to their display stations.

Product information is built into the displays, allowing the customers to get strain information easily. Soft LED lighting, optimized for retail displays, accentuates the cannabis flower samples. As the customers browse the sample displays, they can safely smell the terpene aromas of each flower without risk of contamination.

Retail displays that show the product information within the display itself allow budtenders to help customers on the sales floor.

Bud Pod Display
Security Tether Bar

Inventory Security

Many states have regulations for how cannabis products are displayed and secured. For example, concentrates may need to be displayed in a secure case, while flower samples are required to be sealed in a sniff jar display pod, either with a locking mechanism or tamper-proof seal. Publicly accessible cannabis samples are often required to be secured via tethering to a display base or mounted base.

Your dispensary can follow regional regulations while still having best-in-class retail displays. This helps position your facility as sophisticated and safety-compliant, without sacrificing upscale qualities.

3Fifteen Cannabis displays
Dispensary Displays

Budtender Resources

Electronic displays can also be utilized in employee areas like the break room or meeting rooms. By using monitors with rotating information, employees can be educated on product knowledge through passive messaging.

Budtenders can also be trained on sales techniques to use on the sales floor, using display features to educate and empower customers.

Social and Loyalty Programs

Signage and displays within the dispensary can help inform customers of loyalty programs for your brand. Gathering customer details like email or text messaging opt-ins can help produce repeat sales. Reminding customers at the point of sale of programs for repeat customers or social media promotions is also a way to boost sales and increase monthly recurring revenue.

Overall Retail Experience

When customers leave your dispensary, they should feel like the budtenders were knowledgeable and helpful, the shopping environment was safe, and the overall experience was pleasant. The layout of the sales floor, aesthetic of the storefront, check-in desk, displays, and signage all contribute to the overall feeling of the shopping experience.

Canna-Pod Bar Display

Marketing Challenges

Increasing competition, an evolving market, employee churn, and local licensing fees and leases are universal challenges all dispensaries face. By implementing focused marketing efforts to customers, augmenting budtender knowledge with enhanced display information, and reducing cognitive load in processing information, your dispensary can nurture loyal customers that keep returning to your shop.

Need Personalized Help?

If you need advice or help on selecting the ideal retail displays for your dispensary, contact the team at Bud Bar Displays. Our experts can help you with designing and implementing a dispensary display experience that will satisfy customers and increase revenue.

9 Ways to Create a Memorable Dispensary Customer Experience

Hyde Cannabis displays

Legal cannabis is a growing industry in the United States with no signs of slowing down. Standing out as a dispensary is vital, as competition is ubiquitous.

Currently, cannabis is legal in 37 states with a doctor’s prescription, with 18 states, Guam, and Washington DC fully legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Additionally, a 2022 report by Leafly shows that 428,059 full-time equivalent jobs were in the legal cannabis industry as of February 2022, an increase of 33% from 2021.

With an abundant amount of cannabis dispensaries opening in major and small markets alike, the need to differentiate and retain customers is of prime concern to dispensary owners.

Below, we have put together a list of ways that your dispensary can distinguish itself from the crowd of competitors.

1. Establish a Brand That People Love

Your dispensary brand is more than a logo or an aesthetic, it is everything that people associate with your company. The work culture, customer service, company mission, overall customer experience (online and in-person) all contribute to your brand perception.

Every dispensary finds their own unique way to connect with customers, and great cannabis brands have a positive perception. Maybe your dispensary delivers excellent value or innovates in product delivery. Take time to decide what characteristics and values you want customers and the public to associate with your cannabis business.

2. Unify Your Online Properties

Customers will undoubtedly research your dispensary before traveling to your location to pick up their products. Create a highly polished website that reflects your professionalism and trustworthiness. Make sure your messaging is consistent on satellite properties like Google Business Profile/Google Maps, Yelp, Weedmaps, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and other social media. Use a professional looking logo and display the same information in all your web properties, like hours of operation, and contact information.

Most dispensaries are physical locations, though an increasing number have mobile delivery. Having a unified presence on all your online touchpoints creates a consistent and positive customer experience.

3. E-Commerce

Most dispensary websites have a menu listed, and many have pre-order e-commerce capabilities. Make sure your website is professional-looking and easy to navigate. User testing to ensure customers can order products without friction will help solidify customer loyalty.

4. Look and Design of the Dispensary

Modern cannabis dispensaries are clean, upscale, inviting, well-lit, and professional looking. Customers get a similar experience to an upscale retail store. Each dispensary can put their own unique flavor on this experience, but the overall aesthetics should make customers feel right at home.

Shopping for cannabis products should be one cohesive, integrated experience. The outer waiting area should be well-lit, with proper signage, and with an appealing storefront. In the waiting area, customers are greeted by the store receptionists and checked in. Within the main dispensary area, customers see products clearly displayed, and are moved through a flow where they can see different products, they might be interested in.

Within the showroom of the dispensary, products are displayed using professional display cases and lighting. Budtenders attend to individual customers with courtesy, patience, and expertise to help them select the right product for their needs.

Leaving the dispensary, customers should remember that they had a safe, positive, and delightful experience shopping, reminiscent of a fine retail store.

5. Distinct Designs, Colors, and Aesthetics

Weaving your brand colors, mood, and branding materials into the retail displays in and around the storefront and dispensary is part of the overall experience. Little details can create an aura of professionalism, and make visitors want to return.

Each dispensary is unique in their design, though researching what the most successful dispensaries are doing can give you inspiration and ideas.

6. Educating Customers on Products

A large area of opportunity is educating your customers on the different cannabis and CBD products you carry, and the applications for each product.

This information can come from your company website, an email newsletter, the dispensary staff, or ideally all of the above!

Many people are still new to trying cannabis and CBD products, and may not know what products are right for them. By taking the time to listen to each customer, your budtenders can help them make informed decisions. By contributing your knowledge via resource pages or articles on your website, you can help potential customers learn what products are the best fit for their needs.

7. Design a Complete Sensory Experience

Customers in other retail stores take in information with their eyes, but also with their other senses. Cannabis dispensaries are perfectly suited for combining different sensory experiences like visual, smell, and touch. Displays like the Flower Tower™ allow customers to smell the aromas of different cannabis strains, while looking at the flower specimens in a secure container through a magnifying lens.

Specialized displays like the Sensory Station™ intermingle digital information with the visual appearance and terpene aromas of the different strains.

Customers are curious about what they are purchasing, and looking at flower through a locked display case only gives them part of the information they crave. Modern dispensaries use innovative designs to display cannabis flower in secure pods, tethered to display stations. This allows the customer to inspect the product before they buy.

8. Friendly and Welcoming Staff

You can create a stunning dispensary sales floor, but if the budtenders and staff aren’t excellent at customer service, it can ruin the experience for customers. Budtenders who have soft skills and empathy as well as expertise are a valuable asset to your dispensary.

9. After Store Experience

Once your customer leaves the dispensary, the brand experience isn’t over quite yet. If you have an email newsletter, or other email marketing tools, you can continue to inform them of deals and specials that are coming up. Text marketing is another way to send notifications about upcoming sales specials. Social media marketing is another way you can continue to keep your brand top of mind and build brand affinity with customers.

Professional Displays for Your Cannabis Dispensary

Do you need high quality display cases, fixtures, and product displays for your dispensary?

Bud Bar Displays designs and creates innovative displays for cannabis dispensaries. If you need display cases, cannabis display pods, extract displays, or other retail displays for your dispensary, browse our e-commerce shop, or contact us directly for help with your order.

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