Highlighting Cannabis Strains in Cannabis Displays

Security Tether Bar

Cannabis flower is sold in dispensaries in sealed bags, jars, or tins. These come in three distinct kinds: indica, sativa, and hybrid.

Customers who enter your dispensary may browse the product displays and examine the sample flower displayed in securely tethered pods. As the customers sniff the aroma of the terpenes, they might wonder about the strains of the various flowers.

This is where product display placards can help educate customers and facilitate merchandising.

Product Displays that Highlight Flower Information

Some cannabis product displays have built-in areas for display cards. These cards can contain information about the strains: whether they are indica, sativa, or hybrid. These cannabis information cards can also include information such as THC level, CBD level, the name of the strain, and price for various sizes.

Nug Flight
Gimbal Pod

This allows dispensary customers to examine the flower samples on the sales floor while getting relevant information about the strains they want to buy. This product merchandising helps convey info about the cannabis products before the budtenders administer personalized customer service.

Security Tether Bar
Incline Puffer Pod

Need Retail Display Ideas for Your Dispensary?

For more than 25 years, Bud Bar Displays has been designing award-winning retail displays and store fixtures. Our experience in designing and manufacturing display cases and cannabis displays for dispensaries worldwide has given us insight into the legal cannabis industry.

Whether your need displays for a dispensary large or small, we can help you determine exactly how to design a memorable customer experience.

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