4 Essential Store Fixtures for Cannabis Dispensaries

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Cannabis use for medicinal and recreational purposes has gone mainstream in states and territories where it has been legalized. A recent study by the Washington Post showed that over 55 million people in the US use marijuana on a regular basis. Some countries are also legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use.

With the acceptance of cannabis trending, more dispensaries are opening, and the customer experience is expected to match that of a traditional retail store. The current wave of dispensaries are professional, immersive, retail experiences that cultivate return clients.

Below, we look at some of the most important store fixtures that a cannabis dispensary should have.

1. Open Shelving

Some products may be able to be displayed on open, tiered shelving on the sales floor. Check with your state or local regulations for compliance criteria, including product security. Open shelving displays allow customers to inspect products at their own pace, with sales floor budtenders floating over to offer customer assistance.

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2. Display Counters on the Sales Floor

Most dispensaries will use sales floor displays to display cannabis samples in securely tethered cannabis pods. This is the most elegant solution for displaying strains so customers can smell the terpene aromas and examine the flower through a magnifying lens. Counter displays can hold many strains, allowing multiple customers to inspect the cannabis flower. Budtenders can also use these (usually flat) counters as a consultation area. Some dispensaries have budtenders use a tablet to track ongoing customer orders, adding those to a virtual cart for checkout at a central point-of-sale (POS).

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3. Cannabis Display Cases

Some dispensaries will have a more open floor plan, with some display counters, and cannabis display cases positioned near the point-of-sale area. Ideally, your bud display cases will highlight some of your best products and create customer interest. Usually, these cannabis product display cabinets have multi-level shelving, are made with transparent glass, and have LED lighting to illuminate the products. By showing off cannabis, CBD, dab, and extract products near the sales counter, customers will always pass these products, giving budtenders an opportunity to sell these products.

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4. Horizontal Shelving and Displays

Making use of available space, guiding customers to specific products, and displaying products in an appealing manner can help you boost sales. Floor stands that showcase products at strategic spots in your dispensary are a way to highlight popular products. Wall shelving can draw attention to cannabis and CBD products at strategic points on the sales floor. Behind-the-counter displays or slatwall display panels can help show customers more products without cluttering the sales floor.

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Selected Cannabis Display Cases

Need Expert Advice on Dispensary Fixtures?

The team behind Bud Bar Displays has been designing and building retail displays for over 30 years. For over a dozen years, we’ve been using that expertise to create store fixtures and displays for dispensaries across the country and around the world. We’re always looking for ways to help our customers like you, dispensary owners looking for a competitive edge.

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