Security Plays an Important Role in Cannabis Displays and Cases

Security Tether Bar

Cannabis is a rapidly growing industry, with 37 states, four territories, and the District of Columbia approved medical marijuana.

Additionally, 19 states, two territories, and Washington DC have approved recreational use of cannabis.

All states with legal cannabis products have regulations on how the products can be accessed. There are laws and regulations regarding security on a facility-wide basis. For example, most states require customers to be at least 18 years of age, and present ID before being admitted to the retail portion of the dispensary. Security cameras, controlled access, and security systems are part of regional compliance.

But security regulations also extend to product displays on the sales floor. Customers should not be able to access flower samples or tamper with product displayed in the dispensary.

Cannabis product displays can maintain security compliance while still highlighting the attractiveness of the products. Below, we look at six characteristics of dispensary displays that accentuate the product, while upholding state regulations for security compliance.

1. Educating Customers on Product

As many states, regions, and countries introduce legislation to legalize cannabis for medical (and in some cases, recreational) use, many new customers are going to be coming to your dispensary. New cannabis customers will have lots of questions about the products and their characteristics. As they embark on their cannabis experience, your dispensary has an opportunity to educate new customers about your product selections.

Display cabinets and containers can become much more than fixtures where products reside. By integrating information about each flower into a cannabis display pod, customers learn more about the different strains. A display cabinet for CBD products that shows information about each edible or concentrate will help customers make an informed decision. Displays that are built with product information in mind can highlight data via use of card holders where product information can be shown. Interactive displays that combine multimedia with product samples allow customers to learn about cannabis products through self-exploration.

Ideally, retail cannabis displays should add to the shopping experience, and reduce barriers to learning about, viewing, and engaging with the dispensary products. The end result is more satisfied customers, more questions about the products answered, better product education, and increased sales.

2. Compliance with Local Regulations

Cannabis dispensaries must follow state and local regulations to continue doing business. In some states, patients must have a medicinal marijuana ID card to enter the facility and purchase cannabis products. Though several states have legalized recreational use, some states have laws which restrict any cannabis use whatsoever. Even in states or municipalities where cannabis is legalized, there may be opposition groups which look for non-compliance. By having secure cases with sturdy locks, locking display modules, and tamper-proof cannabis jars, your dispensary preserves compliance and integrity.

3. Theft Prevention

Cannabis dispensaries often have sample containers on the sales floor with flower, where customers can smell terpene aromas. These are sealed with tamper proof seals, or with a locking ring which cannot be opened without use of a tool. This prevents theft and tampering by customers who have intentions of shoplifting. They will be unable to open the cannabis smell jars and slip the product in their pocket. Secure display modules will help your dispensary with loss prevention.

4. Customer Safety and Perception

First impressions have a long-lasting effect. When customers enter your dispensary and see your cannabis products encased in secure cases, display pods, and locking ring sniff jars tethered to a display table, they know you are serious about security and safety. Remember that many people are shopping for legal cannabis for the first time, and they may be apprehensive about the experience. Keeping the product displays compliant means you are providing a safe, secure shopping experience.

5. Spectacular Presentation

No doubt about it, customer experience is a big part of earning return business at your dispensary. Part of the overall presentation of your cannabis store are the display cases, retail displays, and store fixtures. Merchandising your products in high-quality retail cases gives the impression that your dispensary and your products are also “world-class”.

6. Product Integrity

Certain cannabis products can be damaged by prolonged exposure to heat and light. Particularly, concentrates, oils, and extracts can undergo degradation by exposure to heat and light.

Many professional display cases use glass that minimizes damage caused by UV rays. These cannabis display cabinets excel at highlighting the premium products within. Creating a showcase retail display that draws the customer’s attention will help boost sales and promote selected products.

Need More Help Selecting Display Cases for Your Dispensary?

Bud Bar Displays® was founded with the idea that cannabis displays should work efficiently to highlight and accentuate cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, and other products on display. Our team has consulted with numerous dispensaries across the United States and internationally.

Our product line of retail displays helps create a refined and professional look for cannabis dispensaries. The overarching goal we have is to create a better customer experience between budtenders and clients.

If you are opening a new dispensary, or expanding an existing dispensary, our team can help you select the perfect displays for your facility. Browse our online e-commerce store for display cabinets, secure cannabis display pods, extract and concentrate displays, and countertop displays.

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