7 Tips for Improving Dispensary Revenue with Effective Merchandising Displays

Cannabis dispensary displays

Designing the layout and retail experience of your dispensary is an important part of your revenue.

With more states and countries legalizing cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, competition is increasing. The presentation of your products and experience in your retail cannabis dispensary will make a difference in overall revenue.

Aesthetics and merchandising aren’t reserved only for traditional retail stores – dispensaries also use eye-catching displays to generate more sales.

Designing the dispensary sales floor with sophistication and customer engagement in mind can help you increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Here are seven tips for improving the displays and merchandising of your dispensary products.

1. Highlighting Cannabis Flower

Some dispensaries have the flower samples displayed behind the counter, or not displayed at all. The customer does not have a chance to see the flower or smell the terpene aroma.

The current trend for rapidly-growing dispensaries is to display the flower samples in securely sealed and tethered cannabis “sniff jars”. These allow the customer to see the intricate details of the flower and smell the aroma of the cannabis strain, while keeping the samples secure from tampering.

By allowing customers to peruse the samples and get an idea of what they are purchasing, it improves the customer experience, and can lead to more sales.

2. Ingrained Pricing in the Product Displays

Customers browsing the dispensary look for information on the strains they are analyzing before they buy. One way that modern dispensaries show strain information is a placard built into the display itself. This conveys data about the strain such as type of strain, THC level, CBD level, name of the strain, and other info. Utilizing professional store fixtures that display this product information helps the sales process by using information-rich merchandising.

3. Use Wall Displays and Fixtures

When customers enter your dispensary, their eyes are drawn to different focal points. Product displays can take the form of sampling tables or interactive displays on the sales floor. Using wall displays and fixtures can also be an effective way to use your floor plan to show different cannabis and CBD products. By putting products at eye level, it can raise awareness of different cannabis products, and help drive sales of a diverse mix of products.

4. Use Digital Displays and Media

Many dispensaries use display media and digital menus to create a professional appearance and impart crucial information. This frees up budtenders to answer follow-up questions, making sales more streamlined. These digital displays can also help educate the customers on product information.

Videos, photos, digital menus, interactive displays, and other high-engagement media involves the customer base in the cannabis purchasing experience. These displays can also add a unique touch to your facility and help suggest new products.

5. Planning Product Visibility

It takes planning and effort to arrange displays in your store to prioritize product lines you want to sell. Just as traditional retail stores make certain items more visible to increase sales, dispensaries should plan merchandising around key products to increase revenue.

If there are promotions running on specific products, make those clear and apparent when customers enter the store. Visibility creates awareness and interest in the cannabis products you want to sell more of. Work with your budtenders to make sure they are aware of any ongoing promotions, so they can suggest them to customers.

6. Upsell Small Products at the Register

Have you ever noticed that traditional retail stores always put smaller impulse items near the checkout lines and register? This is because people tend to buy items that are presented to them right before checkout.

By placing a few items at the checkout station, you can pick up additional sales. Some countertop product displays that work well include pre-roll displays, small pipes, or nitrogen cans.

7. Interior Store Design and Layout

One final thought on dispensary design is planning the design and layout of the sales floor. Dispensaries today resemble high-end experiences found at other retail stores. Warm lighting, spacious pathways, and professional displays all add to the overall customer experience.

Crowded retail spaces that are jammed with too many products can make the sales floor look cramped and unappealing. Allowing customers to browse comfortably from a reasonable number of products creates a more relaxing atmosphere. Ambience is a vital part of the retail dispensary experience.

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