Selecting the Best Product Displays for Your Dispensary

Bud Pod Display

How To Pick The Perfect Product Display

In our last blog post we discussed the importance of selecting the best sampling container for your dispensary, and how that decision can play a crucial role in your business’s success. Another key choice for any dispensary is how they plan to display those flower Pods, as well as the other numerous products they have for sale. Customer engagement once they enter the dispensary is essential in order to make sales happen. If a dispensaries displays are lackluster the customer’s visit will likely be their last. A well-planned display presentation is all the more important to have customers coming back time and time again…

Built-In vs. Modular

Display designs for dispensaries are now less restrictive and more flexible then in the past. When building from the ground up you can choose to go with built in displays, such as the Ashes Showcase Insert™, that can be placed into counters built on site. These built-in showcases make it effortless to have attractive and efficient cannabis displays in your store. Some, however, may prefer to have more modular displays allowing you to change the dispensaries appearance as desired; this can be true of a new build or may apply to a dispensary looking for a face-lift. Displays like the Canna-Pod Bar™ and the Bud Pod Bar™ give a dispensary the freedom to adjust their layout and displays when needed.

Bud Pod Bar
Canna-Pod Bar

Display Placement

When a customer enters your dispensary overwhelming them with too many product displays can be counterproductive. Strategically placing displays around the perimeter, as well as a few choice displays in the center, help break up retail clutter. An uncluttered, open floorplan creates a more inviting space for your customers to examine the products you offer. A more open space allows customers to explore products and find what will work best for them while not being right on top of one another. It also allows for interactions between budtenders and clients to be semi-private if so needed, which in turn leads to increased sales for your business.

Customer Access

As discussed in our previous post, customer access typically falls into two categories: a more controlled method or an open method, depending on your needs. This access also weighs heavily on decisions for the displays you will end up utilizing. When using an open method, the budtenders are on the floor with your customer; they are walking the floor and answering questions customers may have as they explore the products. Displays such as the Security Tether Bar™ work well in this setup as they allow the customer to investigate your available flower, via sampling containers, while still maintaining a constant level of security. In a controlled method the budtender will typically be behind a counter as the customer browses the display cases, everything is kept in the case and is taken out upon request. To bridge the gap between access types, use a display such as an Xtract Elite™ with the now available Concentrate Security Case™, this allows the customer to easily view the dispensaries available extracts while simultaneously keeping them under lock and key. In the end, your dispensary should encourage browsing providing a simplistic way to navigate the displays in your showroom.

Security Tether Bar
Concentrate Display Case

What’s On Display

Another thing to take into consideration in regards to your dispensaries displays is what products you plan to showcase within them. Typically, it is best to organize your merchandise by brand or product categories. More often than not, you would really only merchandise unlike items together for potential upsell opportunities; like selling a dab rig next to your concentrates, for example. Keeping your like items together makes it easier for the customers to compare selections before making their final purchases. While keeping like items together is crucial for the customer experience, it is equally important to move your products around the dispensary; this strategy will keep the dispensary fresh and dynamic. Cycling the product helps revitalize your dispensary, showcasing new and exciting products, while still allowing the customers the choice to buy their tried-and-true brands. More than anything, you want items to be easily located and spaces to be accessible to all your customers.

Ashes Bud Cabinet

After years of visiting countless marijuana shops and seeing displays for dispensaries, I have found the best Selection of DisplaysCabinets, and Sampling Pods is

By: Will Smith, Cannabis Display Designer

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